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Canva.com Business Cards

Hello class and welcome to another blog post.

Today I’d like you to watch my tutorial about creating a business card on Canva.com, which is at the bottom of this blog post. This is important because you will be creating your own to accompany your business plan.

You might be wondering, what’s the purpose of creating a business card?

Well business cards can be a valuable marketing tool. Entrepreneurs hand out their business cards as they network with different individuals potentially through trade shows, conventions, and networking events. They also hand them out when they meet people randomly. A business card is like a snap shot of what your business is all about. It contains basic information about your business, which should include the name of the business, your name if that’s different, usually something about what the business does, and basic contact information such as phone number, email address, website or social media. By providing this information potential customers have a way to get in contact with you about your product or service. When considering your design, business cards should reflect the style of your business and should represent your brand. This could include your logo and if you have a tag line.

Another great benefit of business cards is the cost. Business cards are a cost effective promotional item and there are a lot of businesses that offer printing such as Vistaprint.com, moo.com, and most of your local office supply stores like Office Depot. Costs are always a consideration, so getting low cost promotional items is always a plus, and business cards a great way to do that.

Please be sure to watch this prior to coming to our next class. This way when you start working on your business cards in class you’ll be ready to dive right in. We’ll go over the rubric for this assignment in class before we get started.

I’ve also included some links for additional resources on elements of a business card and somethings to consider. I’ve also found a post with some really creative business cards that are just some food for thought, something to consider later on in your careers and ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Business cards, if creatively done, can really help you stick out in a sea of traditional business cards, especially if you’re traveling to trade shows and conventions. They’re pretty fun to look at too!

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Vision Statements

Hey Team!

I really enjoyed our lesson on writing Vision Statements today! Below I’ve listed some key reminders about writing your vision statements for your businesses. I have also attached the video we watched in class for reference. If you’re looking for additional examples to help you get inspired read 30 Examples Vision Statements. They have some great examples of visions statements that vary in length and topic.

  • Vision statements provide the details of where your company is going in the future and why.
  • They can help investors, potential employees, and customers to understand where your business is headed and what you plan to accomplish.
  • Remember your statement need to be concise, we want to inspire, and you definitely want to make it memorable.
  • The length should be kept to one sentence, but there is no specific number of words. It can be as little as three words, as long as it gets to the core of where your company is going.

Here’s the video for your reference: