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Class Podcast

Hello Class! Here is our first podcast. I’m starting off with highlighting a business I found called Freestyle Language Center. Below you’ll find the links I reference during the podcast. As budding entrepreneurs, it’s important that you’re getting exposed to the new businesses sprouting up every day. There is much to gain from learning from others and as you venture through your journey of creating your own business you can get some great experience putting a spotlight on businesses you find interesting and innovative.

After listening to this podcast I’d like you research a business in your community and surrounding areas. This business needs to be fairly new, something started within the last 1-3 years. Each of you will then script and record your own podcast! You can be as innovative and creative as you want in the way you create your podcast. You’re welcome to work with a partner or in a small group of three, but each person needs to be heard on the podcast. Your podcast can be in the form of an interview or straight description similar to what I did, or you can be as creative as you like. Your podcast should be approximately 3 to 7 minutes long. During our next class period I’ll be handing out the rubric and further instructions on this assignment. I just want you to get your minds working on some ideas and begin researching so you can hit the ground running the next time we meet. We’ll go over the technology aspect when we’re in class together.

Creating this podcast will be good practice and experience to help prepare you for when you’ll need to create a promotional item for your larger project of creating your own products. Creating a podcast could be one way you could promote your product.

Here is the website link to Freestyle Language Center.

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What’s your side hustle?

side hustleI came across a podcast I think you all would all be interested in. It’s called Side Hustle School. In this podcast, the host, Chris Guillebeau describes what he calls side hustles, which is a small business idea that someone was able to create while they were still working a full-time job or in school and make some extra side cash. In this specific episode, the host describes a business idea that was created based on 365-day photo project that was used to transition into tutorials to help other small business owners how to create videos that they can use on their smartphones.

Side hustles speak to the entrepreneurial spirit, in which regular people are recognizing opportunities to create a business from things they come across in their daily lives, and through their hobbies and passions. New business ideas can be simple and can be started right from a person’s home.

Please come to the next class ready to discuss this podcast!

Here is a the link to the podcast episode:

Famous iPhone photo leads to series of online courses

Brainstorming business ideas

Welcome to our class blog!

For my first post, I’d like to continue our conversation about generating your business ideas. Below are some tips and additional resources to get your ideas flowing.


Here are 10 tips I’ve gathered to help you brainstorm:

  1. Have a place to write down your ideas. A journal works well for this. Keep it with you when you’re out so you always have a place to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Nothings worse than coming up with something great and then forgetting what it was because you didn’t write it down.
  2. Take a look at your hobbies, interests, and passions. Lots of people are able to come up with business ideas from the things they already love doing.
  3. Get out into your community. You know what you might come across observing other people interreacting with each other and the world.
  4. Be observant. You never know when an idea could be just around the corner or right in front of your face.
  5. Take a look at existing products. Is there something that bugs you about it? Can you make it better?
  6. Examine separate existing products and look at the possibility of combining products to create something new and improved.
  7. Allow yourself to imagine something completely new and different. It’s okay to be original.
  8. Talk it out. You can use your friends and family as resources. Getting feedback on your ideas can help to generate a more solid idea.
  9. Change your routine or setting. Somethings this can help you to generate ideas.
  10. Learn or read about something new.

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