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Digital Storytelling: Visionary Entrepreneurs

What do entrepreneurs do to be successful? What sets the great ones apart? Have you ever thought about what personality characteristics many great entrepreneurs of the world have in common?

Below I’ve used digital storytelling through Adobe Spark to highlight just one of the characteristics I think is important for any great entrepreneur to possess. Throughout this unit I have continued to stress the importance of having a strong vision for your companies and yourselves as budding entrepreneurs. In this video, I provide one example of a great entrepreneur who had a strong vision and was able to launch a successful company and forward-thinking brand.

For this upcoming assignment, I’d like you to create your own digital story about an entrepreneur of your choosing. In your story, you need to focus on one characteristic that this person exemplifies. Some example characteristics are: passion, creativity, perseverance, etc. I’ve included a few resources to help generate ideas. Your videos will need to be 2 to 4 minutes in length, and will need to include photos, narration, and music. We’ll discuss the rubric and the technical aspects of this assignment during our next class.

Digital storytelling has a variety of uses. Many businesses are utilizing storytelling to help sell their products, by appealing to customers emotions. This could be an option for your final project when you’re developing your promotional items. You could create a digital story to show to potential investors, or as a part of your website.

By participating in this assignment you’ll have an opportunity to utilize the technology and we’ll all learn about the different entrepreneurs you all choose to highlight.

Please be sure to read through the attached articles and watch the video before our next class. See you then!

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