About This Class

What will students learn in Entrepreneurship? 

In this class, students will gain a foundation in the key principles necessary to starting and running their own business. Students will learn about and practice the process of analyzing business opportunities, preparing business plans, conducting research on potential business ideas, and the necessary steps in organizing a plan, and marketing the business, products, and services.

How will this blog help students reach these goals?

This blog is here to help my students with their class assignments, provide tips to get work done, and supplemental information, such as links to news articles and recommended books, to help students connect the work they’re doing in the classroom to the real world. I will often post lesson information to make it easy to refer back to, along with potential extra credit opportunities. I am passionate about helping my students gain valuable skills and knowledge to help them become successful professionals in the world of business.

Materials you will need:

  1. 3 inch ringed binder
  2. 1-2 College Rule notebook
  3. Pens/Pencils
  4. Access to a computer and printer

* I will communicate if any additional materials will be needed.

Important reminders:

Late Work

All due dates for assignments are listed on the Syllabus. Any work received within 1 week (7 days) from the due date will be accepted, but can only receive a possible grade of 70% for the assignment. Any work received after 1 week, must be received before the end of the 6 week grading period to receive a possible grade of 50%. Anything received after the end of a 6 week grading period with not receive any credit.

Make-Up Work
1. It is the responsibility of the student on the day they return to school to contact me regarding make-up work and to appear at the time scheduled for any make-up work.
2. If a student misses more than two consecutive days, they will have the same number of days to complete the make-up work as the number of days they were absent.
3. Different tests may be administered to students who miss the regularly scheduled tests. Written assignments may be requested over and above what was done in class.
4. At least 24 hours in advance of the event, parents need to contact an administrator for approval of an impending absence for a purpose other than for illness and/or death in the family. Students who miss class for a previously approved absence may be required to submit class work beforehand.
5. Parents wishing to request make-up assignments due to a student’s absence should contact the attendance office on the second day of the absence. Teachers are allowed 24 hours after the
request to provide this make-up work.